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Phone Protection Designed For You

We're changing the game.
Personalized plans for your device.
Coverage that fits your needs and budget.
Pretty cool right?

Lori Smart(er) Phone Protection
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Lori Device Protection

Devices Have Changed, Device Protection Hasn’t. Until Now.

Our phones have become larger, more powerful, and more expensive each and every year. Yet, we noticed that phone protection plans have not kept up with the times. Introducing Lori, the first totally personalized device protection available on the market.

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Phone Protection Matters.

Phones keep us connected. Friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, businesses. Our phones have become a huge part of our daily life. Could you imagine going a day without yours? How about a week? With Lori, rest easy knowing that for just a few bucks a month you won’t have to worry about the “what ifs” any longer.

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Lori Device Protection

Plans Priced for Your Device

Our patented technology powers the smartest device protection service available. Select complete coverage or just what worries you most.

* Sample prices are based on iPhone 7 (32GB). Your price may be lower or higher based on the phone you cover. Plans with an annual term that are paid upfront receive a 10% discount, which is applied when you purchase. Final price includes sales tax as applicable.

Lori Smart(er) Device Protection

Fast Repairs, On Your Schedule.

Chances are most of us have dealt with some sort of broken device over the years - a cracked screen, battery failure, camera defect, the list goes on. The bottom line is, if you’re outside of warranty or didn’t buy a plan with your phone, repairs aren’t cheap (or easy). Worry less; let our on-demand technicians come to you.

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