About Us

Hi, we’re the team behind Lori

Lori was born out of HYLA Mobile, the market leader in the device trade-in business for the last 10 years. Our initial focus was on device recycling to keep old cell phones out of landfills and reduce the need to mine additional precious resources to make new ones.

As device prices skyrocketed, we worked with our partners (wireless carriers, retailers, device manufacturers, etc.) to launch trade-in programs so consumers could get a credit for trading in their old phone, while making sure those used devices made it into the hands of people in developing countries – improving wireless access for all.

We live to extend the lifecycle of your phone and benefit the global circular economy for mobile phones.

Your Device

coverage for new and old phones

Your Needs

customized plans and pricing

Your Life

repair technicians that come to you and overnight shipping options

We built a solution that’s focused on you

We love what we do and we try our hardest to do it well. We hope you find Lori Smart(er) Phone Protection works for you and your needs. We’ll continue to work hard to ensure we provide all of our customers with our absolute best service. From all of us here at Lori, we’re glad you’re here.

We love feedback, we’re always trying to improve.

Please send suggestions to support@hellolori.com