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Coverage for

a cracked screen

a broken camera


a lost phone

battery failure

liquid damage

older phones


Galaxy Note

button failure

charge ports

speaker damage

Galaxy S


Smartphone protection made simple, quick and affordable

Save time and money with pay-for-what-you-need coverage and come-to-you repairs

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Lorica, LLC., a licensed insurance agent.

Pick the plan that's right for you

With dynamic plans & more coverage options than anyone else, Lori is hard to beat.
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per month

Nothing basic about it.

Mechanical Failure
  • Battery Failure
  • Button Failure
  • Charging Port Failure
  • Headphone Jack Failure
  • Wi-Fi Antenna Failure
  • Bluetooth Antenna Failure
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per month

Got butterfingers?

Mechanical Failure
Hardware Damage
  • Cracked Screen
  • Liquid Damage
  • Microphone Damage
  • Front/Back Camera Damage/Failure
  • Accelerometer Failure
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No Worries

per month

I've got your back!

Mechanical Failure
Hardware Damage
Theft + Loss Coverage
  • Theft Replacement
  • Loss Replacement
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Spoil Me

per month

My very best plan!

Mechanical Failure
Hardware Damage
Theft + Loss Coverage
Plus Perks!
  • 50% off Service Fees
  • 15% Claims Free Discount
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* Price ranges are shown for each plan. Plan pricing is unique to each user and generated based on the user's phone & location. Final price includes sales tax as applicable.

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Lori Device Protection

Devices Have Changed, Device Protection Hasn’t. Until Now.

Our phones have become larger, more powerful, and more expensive each and every year. Yet, we noticed that phone protection plans have not kept up with the times. Introducing Lori, the first totally personalized device protection available on the market.

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Phone Protection Matters.

Phones keep us connected. Friends, family, loved ones, colleagues, businesses. Our phones have become a huge part of our daily life. Could you imagine going a day without yours? How about a week? With Lori, rest easy knowing that for just a few bucks a month you won’t have to worry about the “what if's” any longer.

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Lori Device Protection
Lori Smart(er) Device Protection

Fast Repairs, On Your Schedule.

Chances are most of us have dealt with some sort of broken device over the years - a cracked screen, battery failure, camera defect, the list goes on. The bottom line is, if you’re outside of warranty or didn’t buy a plan with your phone, repairs aren’t cheap (or easy). Worry less; let our on-demand technicians come to you.

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