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Five Easy Ways to Track Your Lost Android Phone

If you’ve ever lost your smartphone, you know what a horrible feeling it is. Your heart sinks into your stomach and panic ensues. You start searching EVERYWHERE!

First, you check your purse or work bag. You look under your bed and in between the couch cushions. You even check to see if it is on the charger. Maybe you forgot that you plugged it in! But no, your smartphone is nowhere to be found.

At a loss with what to do, you start to retrace your last steps. Your phone isn’t in the bathroom or the kitchen. You even look inside your refrigerator in case you accidentally set it down when you started making dinner. Then it hits you…did you leave it on the seat of your Uber when you got out in a rush?

If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone. All of us have misplaced our smartphones at some point in our lives. But what can you do if you turn your house or apartment upside down looking for your phone, and you STILL can’t find it?

Fortunately, there are many ways to find a missing smartphone. Today, our focus is going to be how to find a lost Android phone. Even if you have an iPhone, keep on reading! Knowing these easy steps to find a missing Android device will come in handy the next time your parent or friend with an Android loses their phone. The next time they need help, you’ll be there to save the day! After reading, please forward this article to them!

So let’s dive right in and talk about our favorite ways to find a lost Android.

Track your Android phone with your Google account.

Our first way to find your lost Android smartphone is the easiest on the list. It’s also the most common method of finding a missing Android. Google owns Android, so they all come with certain Google apps pre-installed, including Google Maps, Gmail, and the Google Play Store.

If you are logged into your Google account on your computer’s web browser, finding your Android is extremely easy. Open your web browser on your computer and go to Google. Then, type “find my Android” or “where is my phone.”

The first search result will be a map with the last known location of your Android. If you are not logged into Google or if you are using a friend’s computer, you can also go to Google’s Find My Device page, sign in, and search from there.

Once you find the location of your missing Android, there are a few things you can do. Let’s say your phone is somewhere in your house, but you still can’t find it. You can turn your phone’s ringer on, even if it is set to silent. Your phone will ring for five minutes while you search for it.

If your phone is not at your house and you need to go pick it up from somewhere or search for it, you can secure it to make sure that no one can access your data. First, set a password on your Android that only you can unlock. It can be a pin, pattern, or password phrase. 

Next, send a message to the device for anyone who finds the phone. You can add a phone number for someone to call you or a public place for you to meet to pick up the phone. 

Finally, if there is no chance you are going to find your phone again or if it’s stolen, you can erase all the data from your phone. Only use this option as a last resort. Once the phone is wiped, you won’t be able to find the device again. Additionally, keep in mind that if you have an SD card in the phone, erasing the data from your phone will not delete the data on the card.

You can also install the Google Find My Device app onto your Android devices. As long as your phone is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or a newer software version, you will be able to download the app with no problems. 

If you have an Android tablet or wear an OS watch, you can use these steps to find those devices as well. If you choose to track your lost Android with your Google account, the phone needs to be turned on and signed into a Google account. Your location services need to be turned on, as well as the Find My Device option. If you are signed into your Google Account, the Find My Device setting is automatically turned on. But, you should always double-check, especially before going on a trip where your phone might get stolen, or in the event that you might lose it. Simply go to your device settings and make sure you turn on Find My Device.

Track your Android phone through your phone manufacturer.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a Google account--there are still options to help you find your lost Android phone! Most Androids have a tracking app or another way to find the phone if it is missing. Let’s use Samsung devices as an example. Samsung Android phones have a setting called Find My Mobile, which works in the same way as Google’s Find My Device. If the setting is on, you can track your phone through their app or online through their website.

Always make sure this setting is on. That way, you can find the phone’s last known location. It has the same abilities as Google, with the addition of a few convenient features. Through Find My Mobile, you can back up the phone, retrieve messages and phone calls, and even extend the battery life. 

Track your Android phone through your wireless carrier.

Most major wireless carriers will direct you to Google’s Find My Device to locate your lost Android phone. If your phone is stolen or lost, and you have no way to get it back, you can also report it as missing/stolen through your wireless carrier’s website or app. You can even remotely lock or erase your device.

Track your Android phone with a third-party app.

Although using Google’s built-in device tracker is generally the easiest way to find your missing Android, you can also use a third-party app to find it. A third-party app is also convenient if you have young children in your household who have a phone. By installing a third-party app on the phone, you’ll be able to make sure they are safe at all times, even when they are not at home.

One of the most popular third-party apps out there that tracks missing Android phones is Life360 Family Locator. You can download this app on every phone in your household and use the GPS locator to follow one another in real-time. You can also share your location with your family, which is convenient if you are ever traveling in an unsafe area. Life360 is also available on iPhones, so if you want to keep up with family members or friends with iPhones, you can!

Another app with a ton of unique features is Lost Android. Not only can you track your phone using GPS, but you can read text messages, forward your calls, lock the phone, and more. Additionally, you can wipe the phone AND the SD card in the event it is stolen.

We also recommend Where’s My Droid. This third-party app works similarly to Lost Android. By upgrading to the Elite version, you can even use your phone’s camera from a remote location. It is incredibly convenient if someone steals your phone because you can take a picture of the thief and turn that over to the authorities. 

For a third-party app to help find a missing or stolen Android phone, they need to be installed on the phone beforehand. If you do not want to rely on Google to find your phone if it ever goes missing, always download a third-party app immediately when you purchase a new phone.

Track your Android phone with the IMEI number.

To track your lost Android phone with the IMEI number, you need to download a third-party IMEI tracking app, such as IMEI Tracker-Find My Device. However, we recommend using this method as your last resort. Google’s Find My Device is usually the best way to find a missing Android phone.

An IMEI number is a 15-number combination that is unique to your phone only. It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and you can find it in the About section of your smartphone settings. Whenever you purchase a new Android, always write down the IMEI and keep it in a safe place, just in case you ever need it.

If your Android phone is ever lost or stolen, and you have no way to get it back, knowing its IMEI number will come in handy. You can report the IMEI number to the authorities in case it ever turns up. Additionally, you can block the number so that no one else will be able to register the phone in the future.

We know that losing a phone stinks.

Whether you misplace your phone in your apartment, leave it on the train during your evening commute, or have it stolen out of your back pocket during a concert, we feel your pain. Hopefully, these five easy ways to track a lost Android phone help you or someone you know!

There are many ways to prevent losing phones. Always make sure it’s safely secured in your bag when walking in a heavy-populated area or traveling. Additionally, if you are going on a trip, we recommend changing your lock screen. Create a note with emergency contact information in case your phone is stolen and take a screenshot. Then, screenshot the lock screen of your phone. That way, if someone finds your phone, they can (hopefully) reach out to you before you even have a chance to search for it.

Another way to prevent heartache over a missing phone is to have phone protection! It’s the most pro-active way to make sure your phone is protected - and our team here at Lori can help! Our customized device protection plans cover whatever you need. We offer plans for broken, lost/stolen phones, cracked screens, mechanical breakdowns and more. If something happens and you find yourself without a phone, we’ll send you a replacement! 

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