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Shannon's Cracked Screen Story

Shannon is a real Lori customer that has agreed to share her experience in dealing with a pesky cracked screen!

I want to say how well this coverage worked for us! I had never had a cracked screen before but with my phone finally paid off and seeing how much new phones are, I decided to look into insurance. The coverage the carrier offered was ridiculous and didn't even cover as much as Lori does. I more so wanted theft protection because I hear more and more about phones being stolen. I can see why phones are stolen because I did not know how much a phone actually cost. Yikes!
I am a huge researcher when it comes to purchasing anything. I did my research and everything kept leading me back to Lori. So, I crossed my fingers and signed up. The process is super simple, all you need is to download the app and a bathroom mirror. With this done I went on my way. Then only 4 days later, I dropped my phone on a small rock area. I wasn't worried because it has a screen cover over it. I was so wrong!!! One rock with a perfectly sharp corner apparently was there to not only just crack my screen but destroy it! It had multiple cracks. I immediately went to figure out how to file a claim. I was worried because I literally just purchased the coverage. It was easy. Go to the app or log in to your account online, pay the deductible, and the next option is to pick the date and time.  
The technician was very professional. I even got text messages to another phone that worked for updates when he would arrive and magically this person showed up. Time to fix the phone was under an hour, maybe only 30mins and it was back as new! The technician was very thorough and had me test everything, even the speaker for calling and the charging port. All was good, he was on his way and I got my phone fixed right at my home. I recommend this coverage for anyone questioning if they need it or should have it. Customer service is top notch and communication is the best I have ever dealt with for any company!!! You get responses from an actual human!  Don't question having coverage from Lori, just get it. You will be thankful you did! Signed happy customer in Oregon and someone that never has had a cracked screen before all of a sudden was relieved having the coverage!

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